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Polarity Therapy Energising Balance, Harmonising Life.

Polarity Therapy is a holistic healing practice centred on the energy dynamics of the polarity principle: positive, negative, and the often-overlooked neutral. The neutral aspect serves as the fulcrum or balance point, harmonizing the active (positive) and receptive (negative) energy flows. This balance is essential for maintaining health and wellness, as it fosters a state of equilibrium within the energy systems of body and mind. By focusing on the neutral, Polarity Therapy uniquely facilitates a deep inner calm and connectivity, allowing for profound healing and self-awareness. All Registered Polarity Practitioners in the UK have undergone comprehensive training that encompasses bodywork to address physical imbalances, dietary advice to nourish the body energetically, exercises to enhance energy flow, and mindfulness practices to support mental and emotional well-being. After gaining experience Practitioners may focus on one or more aspects as specialists, in the art, though continuous professional development continues to encompass all for disciplines.  Benefits of this therapy extend from physical relief and emotional balance to spiritual awakening, raising consciousness, and bringing coherence and a sense of unity to one's life.

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Polarity Therapy is its focus on "the Neutral" energy reveals the central point of balance and stillness from which healing and growth can emanate. The Neutral is considered the gateway to deeper awareness and connection, offering a path to inner peace and a more coherent, unified state of being. By engaging with this aspect, individuals can experience profound shifts in consciousness, leading to enhanced well-being and a sense of harmony within themselves and with the surrounding world.

This holistic approach to health and healing - has a long vibrant History, originally developed by Dr Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND - employs a profound system that blends both Eastern and Western concepts of health.

Polarity Therapy is energy medicine that uses simple defined techniques to assist the energy flow and any energy imbalance within and without, to return to a state of energy balance within the human body.

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