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About Us.

The UK

Polarity Therapy Association

The UKPTA is the only member organisation for Polarity Practitioners in the UK, and is run by the elected counsel of members.

All our members are qualified Practitioners, at 3 levels of entry, and are fully insured. We also provide a Friends category of membership.

 a)  Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP):  

      By undertaking and completing RPP       training with one of our registered       Schools of Polarity, you have the       opportunity to join us and be part of the       supportive membership.


      The UKPTA recognises an award of PTP by       the International Polarity Education       Alliance. So, if you wish, go to  and apply       for your PTP Certificate. You can then       enclose this to support your application to       the UKPTA

 b)  Polarity Health Professional (PHP):     

       By undertaking and completing this        level of qualification you can join the        UKPTA as a full participating member,        and continue your study onwards to        RPP level is you so wish.


       The UKPTA recognises an award of EPP         by the International Polarity Education         Alliance;  you can enclose the certification         to support your application to the UKPTA.


 c)  Polarity Relaxation Practitioner (PRP):       

 (Student of Polarity Energy Bodywork)

       The UKPTA recognises, for Polarity         membership, the certificate for         completing a Polarity (Energy         Bodywork) Relaxation Course, by one         of  our recognised Training Schools,         or EPP / RPP training in progress,         please supply your Certificate to         support your application to the         UKPTA, or whilst training to complete         your RPP or PHP Education.

Friends and past members are always welcome to stay as part of the ‘hub’ of Polarity Therapy within the UKPTA.

The UKPTA provides member support through providing postgraduate training, promotional material, business advice and representation at a national level (see our benefits of membership page).

The UKPTA also acts as a resource for the general public who are looking for qualified practitioners, or are interested in training as a Polarity Practitioner.

Click here to find a Polarity Practitioner in your area, or click here to read about

Dr Randolph Stone, the creator of Polarity Therapy.

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contact us at the UKPTA.

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